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After experiencing first hand the effects of having a child with a life-threatening condition and the trauma felt by the whole family, Patti and Alan Bradshaw wanted to help other children and their families who sadly found themselves in similar situations.

Since 2002 the Shannon Bradshaw Trust has been raising money through fundraising events which have helped many sick children and their families throughout the North West.

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The following Charities have been most helpful to us over the past years, share the same objectives and really heavily on raising funds through the generosity of the community and the help of their volunteers

The Anthony Nolan Trust

Provides a service for matching patients needing bone marrow transplants with donors. Since 1974 they have helped give over 4,000 children and adults a new chance of life.

Children with Leukaemia

This is the National Charity dedicated to conquering childhood leukaemia through research into the causes of the disease, improving treatments for sufferers and the welfare of leukaemic children and their families.


Grants the wishes of children and young people aged 3 to 17 who are living with life-threatening diseases by raising the funds necessary to grant those wishes.

Jacobs Unique Memory Pot (JUMP)

A registered Charity providing memory packages for sick and disabled children and their families. The Charity provides a team of qualified photographers who have a great affinity with what the Charity is trying to achieve, to create unique memory pots as a lasting gift to the child and their family.

The Compassionate Friends

An organisation of bereaved parents and their families offering understanding, support and encouragement to others after the death of a child or children.

Families United

To provide parents & Children with sensory, physical & associated disabilities the opportunity to interact with other families & professionals, enabling learning and social support for all.

Special Abilities

The keys to understanding disability, and overcoming disability.

Childrens Adventure Farm

Providing holidays and activities for terminally ill, chonically sick, disabled and disadvantaged children from all over the northwest.

Kidz Aware

Provides services for families of disabled children nationally. Provide two puppet programmes lets prevent bullying and disability awareness.

Donnas Dream House

Provides Holidays for terminally ill Children and their families, located in Blackpool, England.

Jamies Wish

A Charity based in West Sussex, helping children and young adults with life-Threatening conditions.

Rainbow Trust

Rainbow Trust provides emotional and practical support for families who have a child with a life threatening or terminal illness.

Aplastic Anaemia Trust

The Aplastic Anaemia Trust:

Fighting bone marrow failure.

Chelseas Angels

 Chelsea's Angels aim is to help children diagnosed with Neuroblastoma and other rare cancers. We will determine if the cancer is rare, based on the statistics of 100 children per year are diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. So if the cancer you child is diagnosed with is along this figure we hope to help.


Me 2 You. Bereavement and Loss Charity

 ME 2 YOU is a charity for bereaved children, young people and their families which helps them re-adjustto life after death of a loved one, or through loss with regards to separation. We work closely with childrenand families in a variety of practical and creative ways, to create an atmosphere where they can sharetheir thoughts and feelings and meet others.
 ME 2 YOU has programmes which recognise how children, young people and their families experiencegrief and loss. We do many activities that aim to raise awareness and help people begin to come to termswith what has happened.

Once Upon A Smile

  Once Upon A Smile was founded in 2011. We have already been recognised throughout the UK as source of support for families who have suffered the loss of a parent or child from a long term or terminal illness.

Erb's Palsy

Erb’s Palsy

 The condition known as Erb’s Palsy is caused by an injury to the brachial plexus—the nerves surrounding the shoulder. Erb’s Palsy is not cerebral palsy, because it is not caused by brain injury or brain abnormalities. Erb’s Palsy is also called brachial palsy, Erb-Duchenned paralysis, or Klumpke paralysis.

Teans Unite

 a charity that provides motivational days out and respite for teenagers with cancer. 

Teens Unite Respite Home

99 High Road



EN10 7BN


01992 440091

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